Long before Homer, Bart, Philip J. Fry, or even Duffman, there was Binky, Akbar & Jeff, and Bongo.  Together they shared one long LIFE IN HELL.  

The end of Mat Groening’s long running comic series, Life in Hell, happened a few days ago.  It’s such a shame that it had to end, and it’s an even bigger shame that I had no idea it was still running.  Groening began the syndicated comic strip back in 1977 and continued to write and draw the comic until it’s final strip ran on June 16, 2012.

It was Life in Hell that brought Groening’s particular sense of humor to the attention of producer James L. Brooks.   Brooks hired Groening to animate a short spot on the Tracy Ullman Show and as we all know those shorts eventually became the most popular dysfunctional family: The Simpsons.

Here’s hoping that a  large omnibus collection of Groening’s Life in Hell will be released. 

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